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Interim Report Second Quarter of 2018

Bayer completes biggest
acquisition in its history

At a glance

Selected Key Figures

Group sales

9.5 billion

+ 8.5 %

Group sales in the second quarter of 2018 rose by 8.5% (Fx & portfolio adj.) to €9,481 million (reported: + 8.8%).

EBITDA before special items

2.3 billion

+ 3.9 %

Group EBITDA before special items rose by 3.9% to €2,335 million.

Core earnings per share


Core earnings per share from continuing operations increased by 1.3% to €1.54 (Q2 2017: €1.52).

Sales, Earnings and Financial Position

Business Development of the Divisions


Sales of Pharmaceuticals rose by 3.1% (Fx & portfolio adj.) to €4,217 million in the second quarter of 2018. Our key growth products Xarelto™, Eylea™, Xofigo™, Stivarga™ and Adempas™ maintained their strong performance overall, with their combined sales rising by 13.2% (Fx and portfolio adj.) to €1,691 million (Q2 2017: €1,555 million).

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Consumer Health

Sales of Consumer Health declined slightly in the second quarter of 2018, falling by 1.4% (Fx & portfolio adj.) to €1,413 million. This was primarily due to a decline in business in Europe / Middle East / Africa and weaker business performance in North America.

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Crop Science

In the second quarter of 2018, Crop Science posted sales of €3,011 million. The businesses being divested accounted for €468 million of this figure. Sales increased by 39.2% on a reported basis, thanks mainly to a positive portfolio effect of 25.0% (€543 million) from the acquisition of Monsanto.

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